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Urdu Nasar Ka Irtiqa By Dr Shagufta Zakria

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English Articles By Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

Yahudi or Esaee Sahoniat

PAKISTAN Aik Ishq Aik Junoon

Islam ka siyasi tasawar Pakistan main Mazhabi o FIrqa warana tasahddud

Mojooda Pak Afghan Taluqat---- Aik Tarikhi Almia

Dehshat Gardi ke Khilaf Amrici Jang

Naimat Allah Shah Wali r.a. ki Peshaian Goyan

Democracy is a system of Kufr. It is forbidden to adopt, implement or call for it

Democracy – A Religion  by Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdisi
by Abdul Qadeem Zalloom
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A debate is currently taking place in the Muslim world on whether democracy is against Islam or not. With Islamic parties taking power in Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt this debate has intensified as these parties attempt to justify their actions. In addition to this some people are actively promoting Erdogan's secular-democratic Turkish regime as a role model for governments post Arab spring.
Much of the debate on Islam and democracy is based on pragmatic thinking rather than the Islamic way of thinking. The correct approach to the question of whether democracy contradicts Islam or not is to study the reality of democracy in depth and then study the Islamic texts of Qur'an and Sunnah for an answer.
This book written on the 3rd Dhul-Qida 1410AH, 27th May 1990 by the late Sheikh Abdul Qadeem Zalloom (May Allah have mercy on him) follows such an approach and shows that democracy far from being a model for Muslims is in fact a system of kufr that is forbidden to adopt, implement or call for

Gold Standard: The future for a stable global currency

With the European sovereign debt crisis threatening to dissolve the Eurozone and the US with record budget and trade deficits the world is facing a monetary crisis.
Central to the sovereign debt, housing and financial derivatives bubbles has been the provision of cheap and abundant credit. Money that has been simply manufactured from the keyboards or printing presses of Central bankers. As long as the financial system allows the effective counterfeiting of paper currency to meet ever increasing central spending – inflation and instability will ensue.
The only policy option of the politicians and bankers has been to print more money. This currency devaluation is a last desperate attempt to engender recovery. It is time to consider again alternatives to this unstable fiat paper regime.
With the thorough discrediting of much of the worlds banking system throughout the recent crisis there is an opportunity to re-examine the monetary pillars of western banking. This new paper from Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain examines the question of can and should the world return to the gold standard.
The debate is started by setting out the 10 main arguments against the gold standard. We examine these arguments and present counter arguments to explore whether they are still valid, and whether they are insurmountable in the quest for a more stable currency in an unstable world.

Strategic Estimate 2012

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Strategic Estimate is's annual assessment on the global trends, the emerging trends and the developments that have taken shape during the year between the world's powers.
2011 will remain long in the memory when the history books are finally written. What has now come to be known as the Arab spring began with a single man in the markets of Tunisia, which then spread to thousands on the streets in Cairo and evolved to hundreds of thousands demanding political change in the Muslim world. The self immolation of Mohamed Bouazizi in Tunisia created a sweeping wave, which crossed the artificial borders in the Muslim world encompassing Egypt, Libya, Yemen and Bahrain until it engulfed most of the Muslim world. 2011's Strategic Estimate,'s annual assessment of the global balance of power is dominated by the Arab spring.
We concluded in our 2011 assessment that the US remained the world's superpower, however it had been over-stretched in both the wars it was engaged in after the events of 9/11, this led to a number of nations taking a more confident and in some cases a confrontational approach to the US in the different regions of the world. In 2011, America, the world superpower and the world's largest economy every year since 1870 had its credit rating downgraded as doubts surfaced about its ability to repay its ever growing debts. Unable to pull itself out of recession and extricate itself from deployments across the world the end of the American century continues to dominate discourse about the American empire.
The challenges to America stem primarily from Russia and China. Both have made significant progress in strengthening themselves in the face of US global domination. Russia continued with its resurgence in its periphery and took a more cooperative approach to strengthening itself which is a departure from the more aggressive policy which has dominated the Kremlin for the last decade. 2011 was dominated by Russia surging ahead with its attempts to modernise and fill the technology gap the nation faces due to the decline it under went after the collapse of the Soviet Union.
China's economy continued to surge ahead in 2011, however many questions remain on the sustainability of the economic model driving Chinese growth as the global economy fails to grow. China made a number of political moves to strengthen itself in its region and achieved significant milestones by rolling out its first aircraft carrier and developing its first stealth fighter jet.
The global economy at the end of 2011 is in a worse position than it was in 2010. With the European sovereign debt crises spreading and the failure of the world's premier economies in generating economic growth, a double dip recession dominated the global economy in 2011. This economic crisis has brought the European Union to virtual breaking point as various Eurozone nations came to the brink of defaulting on their debts. 2011 was dominated by Europe's premier powers attempting to redesign Europe – this has led to the emergence of Germany – a country whose prospects we asses.
Not surprisingly Iran made the headlines again late in 2011 as the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) released its report about Iran's attempts to enrich uranium and develop a nuclear device. We analyse this recurring episode in order to separate rhetoric from reality. We also analyse the conception of weapons of mass destruction (WMD's) their reality and role in the global balance of power.
What follows' inshallah is the author's opinion and assessment of 2011 and the trends for 2012 and beyond. Like any assessment, they are estimates and forecasts

All Muslims are obliged to start Ramadhan on the same day

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A visual book addressing the topic of why ALL Muslims are obliged to start Ramadhan on the same day no matter where the moon is sighted

Emerging World Order - The Islamic Khilafah State

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The world is at a cross road. Our time is difficult. The present is unstable. But Insha‘Allah the future is bright. The signs of 'American century' coming to an end are very clear. Anyone with profound knowledge can see this very happening. America is becoming weak. She is weary. She is fragile. Her global reach has been dented. Her global ambition is even challenged by countries like North Korea. She does not solely control the world any more. She is stabbed by the apparent rise of Russia and China. But there is an even bigger challenge she is facing; saving her status quo in remaining in the reign of world‘s only global state.