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Social Media And Public Relations

In Social Media and Public Relations, PR veteran Deirdre K. Breakenridge presents focused, actionable best practices for every PR pro, marketer, and strategist: the eight social media skills and mindsets most tightly linked to success right now.
Drawing on her unsurpassed experience counseling Fortune 500 companies and other top organizations, Breakenridge shows exactly how to engage todayâ?™s sophisticated, socialized customers. This concise, fast-paced book reveals how to integrate social media and PR with other key business functions.
Breakenridge helps you:
Expand your strategic role: Become the go-to social expert Develop, coordinate, and curate content from all your sources Demolish silos and generate deep internal collaboration Systematically map your audiencesâ?™ connections Listen and respond to customers accurately, transparently, and immediately Practice “reputation management on steroids” Donâ?™t just “tolerate” metrics: Drive them Avoid disaster: Build proactive crisis prevention plans that work,,

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