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Prediction By Jeane Dixon (American Astrologer & Palmist) about Pakistan 1961 (Book: Gaye Dino Ke Suraj by Javed Chaudhry)

Late Shamim Qureshi (A Palmist, A Sufi) met President Ayub Khan in 1961

Prediction by Jeane Dixon about Future of Pakistan during 

President Ayub's visit to America in 1961. Book: Gye Dino Ke Suraj -1994
Jeane Dixon (1918-1997)

English Translation is below

English Translation of Jeane Dixon meeting with President Ayub Khan(1961):

"During Ayub Khan visit to America (July 1961), Jeane Dixon predicted 
about the future of Ayub Khan by looking at his hand. She also predicted 
about Pakistan as after year 2000 Pakistan will enter into its best era,
 and a new government will be formed which will be the most strong, 
honest and sincere government of the Pakistan history. 
Kashmir will get freedom in this era also"

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