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WARIS PTV Drama Serial (The Most Popular Drama of PTV History)

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Waris by Amjad Islam Amjad

Waris (وارث) by Amjad Islam Amjad is yet another PTV classic from 1980’s. It’s a story of a feudal lord, Chaudhary Hashmat, and depicts the greed and ruthlessness of feudal lords in rural Pakistan. Despite his cruelty and cunningness, the Chaudhary ultimately gets punished by fate.

The role of Chaudhary Hashmat is played by Mehboob Alam. He lives in Sikandarpur; he has a son and two nephews, and this small family has its ways to subdue entire Sikandarpur. As the story progresses, their land is under threat of compulsory purchase by the government for a new dam. The Chaudhary doesn’t vacate the place and meets a fatal end.

Waris was directed by Nusrat Thakur. Most of the shooting has been done either indoors or in a village setting, with occasional scenes depicting the city of Lahore.

Being an old serial, this drama serial would hardly impress the later generations. However, anyone who is fond of the glorious days of PTV will surely find this a treat; all actors have performed their best.

Main Cast of Waris

Abid Ali, Mehboob Alam, Munawar Saeed, Firdaus Jamal,  Aurangzeb Laghari and others

Chaudhary Hashmat, played by Mehboob Alam, is the lead character of this drama.
Chaudhary Anwar, played by Firdaus Jamal, is one of the two nephews of Chaudhary Hashmat. He is greedy and always at odds with his brother.
Chaudhary Niaz, played by Aurangzeb Laghari, is the other nephew of Chaudhary Hashmat. He is not much interested in the land, and wants to escape away from the feudal system, but finds it difficult to do so.
Dilawar, played by then young Abid Ali, is another interesting character. He wins Chaudhary Hashmat’s loyalty by stealing a dog for him and joins his ranks. Inside, he wants to seek revenge of the death of his brother.

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